Now Proccessing is every thing

Netcoincapital is a startup on the blockchain network. We are working on a decentralized global operating system and designing and manufacturing a new generation of processors. Which can be installed on any device and turn them into supercomputers with infinite processing power. Buy Now

We will build the decentralized Wallet for NCC and all cryptocurrencies

In this wallet, you can do transactions in a decentralized platform. Netcoincapital intends to create a complete technology-based economic cycle.

Fin-tech training programs

Netcoincapital strives to create professional staff with targeted technology training programs. Then the winners of these programs will start cooperating with the company.

Once you've entered our ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone can participate in the global market with any smart device and internet connection.

Distribution of token
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Netcoincapital Team
Mojtaba Aghaei CSO
Abbas Talebi CTO
Mohammad Nazarnezjad CEO