Wallets that store locked tokens

Name Wallet Address Percentage Distribution Date Distribution % At The Date
Ecosystem TWRibZ9gfnnof5bP1NUqAwyHQmYvSbsRWa 40% 08/04/2025 10%
Public sale TBkoGyAyEHvYth7kUvKmJ9n7YEUDSb1DcQ 20% 08/08/2025 3%
Foundation TREa99PV89LkLyavamAj641xYZKZ2S4nu2 15% 15/12/2025 3%
Airdrop --------------------------------------------------------- 5% Airdropped Distributed
Team TXesVWEo8D3FxNsVYVsjTgcHamRob5xk5H 10% 01/06/2026 2%
Marketing TAWKARSfmyZuBuSEdk3Q1VaXED5zExZzE7 15% 01/01/2027 3.5%
Burning Wallet TRhL6pJihdWY353rhHDn1WLFbvnE6dEifg 0 Unknown Unknown

Our Distribution ruls

The token will be released only when necessary.

Distribution Rule

Times are approximate

Distribution may not occur at the scheduled times; it will not happen earlier than the specified times, but it may also not happen at those times. This will mean a lower supply.

Distribution Rule

Team distribution

Team members may enter the specified percentage into the market at the designated times. After passing the specified date, the project team will not have permission to distribute tokens until the next specified date.

Distribution Rule

Burnt tokens

Tokens transferred to a burn wallet will be permanently removed and will never re-enter the market cycle. If a user mistakenly transfers tokens to this wallet, they cannot be retrieved because the wallet is created by an algorithm, and its private key is not held by any members of the Netcoin Capital team. This mechanism is a common practice in the cryptocurrency world to reduce the total supply of tokens, thereby potentially increasing scarcity and value. However, it also means users must be cautious with their transactions, as mistakes involving a burn wallet are irreversible.

Distribution Rule

The lungs of Netcoincapital

Tokens in the ecosystem wallet will only be released according to a specified percentage when a new project is launched by Netcoin Capital into the market, to be part of that project's financial cycle. For instance, when the NCC digital currency wallet is introduced, a certain amount of tokens will be released into the market beforehand to financially support it, leveraging the market to aid the project. This strategy ensures that each new initiative by Netcoin Capital has the necessary backing to thrive, using a predetermined portion of tokens to create market support and foster project growth.

Distribution Rule

Without public notice

Netcoincapital will never introduce a token into the market without public notification. If there are special conditions for the token that require the injection of the token in the market outside of the specified schedule, it will be announced publicly through social media.

Distribution Rule

Team distribution

Beware of Ponzi projects and scams that may be done in the name of Netcoincapital. The token has never been sold outside of the exchanges contracted with Netcoincapital and our approved markets, and will never be sold. Therefore, any participation in fraudulent projects is your responsibility, and Netcoincapital is not responsible for them.